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Mailinator Spam Map
I created the Mailinator Spam Map in September of 2005. Its release was widely publicized and was mentioned on such popular sites as Slashdot, TipMonkies, MAKE, The Washington Post, and was even on TV on G4TV's Attack of the Show. It received over 100,000 hits in its first 13 hours of release.
MACCC - MP3 Automagic CD Cover Creator
MACCC creates printable CD covers (front and back for full-size cases, front only for slimline) for MP3 CDs. These covers are great for use with in-dash car MP3 CD players. The covers it outputs are in CDInsert format, CDRLabel format, HTML, plain .txt, and now in PDF format too.
Nator is a small Java app that makes use of Mailinator.com. It can grab email from it and mail it to an external email address, and it can also create random usernames and monitor those accounts.
AZStats is a JSP file that parses and displays the contents of an Azureus stats XML file (Azureus_Stats.xml). Useful for remotely monitoring the progress of your torrent downloads. If you don't know what Azureus is, go to the Azureus homepage.
FileNabber is a Java servlet packaged as a Web app (WAR file) that allows you to download (via HTTP or FTP) remote files to the server and upload remote files to the server via HTTP. It has a progress bar for uploads and downloads, and also supports themes to make it easy to customize the look of the pages. It runs on any servlet engine that supports WAR files.
Free (Open Source) Java Classes
These are some Java classes I have written that I thought others might find useful. If you use any of them, just drop me a line and say "Thanks!". If you make any useful modifications to them, please email the changes back to me so I can share them with others.

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